Chasing the Sun

A couple of years ago Kathy and I needed to escape the dreary, wet and dark winters (or Non-winters as I call them) Alaska was experiencing and decided to chase the sun to Florida where her family lives. Needing to get outside and exercise as much as possible we were surprised to find some great trails right in Ocala where her Mom lives. The Santos Trails offer 60 miles of MTB-only trails for all abilities as well as miles of hiking/trail running only trails next to the single track bike trails. All the trails are within the Marjorie Harris Cross Greenway and we look forward to riding/running those trails again.

There is a new 15 mile paved bike path along with the dirt trails making the 

Marjorie Harris Cross Greenway a great destination for all abilities.

Santos Bike Shop is at the start of the trail and they offer great rental bikes for the trails that they helped build.

We rented FatBikes but they rent all kinds of bikes.

Don't forget to show off your new FLORIDA  Jersey like I did.

For those just needing a quick dose of direct sunshine on fun trails Kathy and I highly recommend the Santos Trails.